C++ Locale Library - codecvt


It is a convert codeset facet and the codecvt standard facet translates between two different character encodings: an internal character type.


Following is the declaration for std::codecvt.


template <class internT, class externT, class stateT> class codecvt;


template <class internT, class externT, class stateT> class codecvt;


  • internT − It is an internal character type.

  • externT − It is an external character type.

  • stateT − It is a state type.

Public member functions

Sr.No. Public member function & description
1 (constructor)

It a codecvt constructor.

Conversion functions

Sr.No. Conversion function & description
1 in

It used to translate in characters.

2 out

It used to translate out characters.

3 unshift

It is a unshift translation state.

Character encoding properties

Sr.No. Character encoding property & description
1 always_noconv

It return noconv characteristics.

2 encoding

It return encoding width.

3 length

It return length of translated sequence.

4 length

It return max length of one character.