Mentoring - Conclusion

In many instances, all your mentee/pupil needs is a person in front of whom he can frankly speak out his mind, completely convinced that the other person is going to keep the entire conversation confidential.

However, there will be cases, where the mentors would be called upon to handle certain sensitive and serious areas too. It is therefore, very important to know your mentee and know how to start the mentoring process. It’s important to remember that the mentee has taken a step forward in opting for mentoring as he wants to improve. In selecting you as his mentor, he has reposed a great amount of confidence and faith in you.

Mentoring Process

It’s up to you to guide the person on a pragmatic and logical way to his destination using your sources, experience, expertise and contacts. We hope that this tutorial helped you in understanding the complexities of these growth-oriented initiatives and made you aware of the approaches that will surely help you in getting success in your job.

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