Can you give some nutritional advice/nutritional elements for healthy infants?

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Feeding too much food only increases the fat content of the body. To build strength and muscle mass, kids must dance, play, run, and exercise more. Encourage your kids to run/cycle/walk to school, and do rope skipping.

Indian food has more wheat and rice. We need to increase vegetables, fresh fruits, and dals.

Nutrition monitoring bureau says the majority of kids are malnourished. Weak kids get 25% less energy or carbohydrates, 25% less proteins and they get 90% less oil, needed to increase vitamin D, more hormones, the cell wall of all cells, etc.

So, it is important to include one spoon of oil in every feed. Increase oil seed intake, especially soya beans which is rich in protein and oil content. You can also roast soya beans and made into flour. The flour can be included in every meal for nutritional benefits.

As per WHO, developing countries like India, most kids are deficient in 5 important micronutrients - vitamin D, iodine, iron, folic acid, and B12. It's important to increase your folic acid intake by eating more green vegetables. Increase your iron intake by using iron vessels for cooking. Increase vitamin D by right exposure to sunlight.

Products which give nutrition and their importance

Proteins: dairy products, milk, fish, meat, egg, lentils, cereals.For growth and making muscles strong.
Carbohydrates: sugar, custard apple, potato, banana, grapes, milk, cereals.Provides energy to remain enthusiastic.
Fats: groundnut, mustard oil, soya bean, coconut.Provides energy; helps in hormone production.
Calcium and phosphorus: dairy products, milk, ragi, tomato, fenugreek seeds, carrot, almond.For strong bones and healthy teeth.
Iodine: egg, seafood, milk, fish.Prevent thyroid disease.
Zinc: cereals, groundnut, potato, meat, egg, milk.For growth and development it is essential.
Vitamin A: carrot, Chiku, green vegetables, mango, ripped banana, egg toll, orange, papaya, bahar.Clears the vision and avoids night blindness.
Vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6: cereals, fruits, mushroom, lentils, green vegetables, husk, eggs.Keep skin and muscles healthy. Provides energy from food.
Iron, folic acid: lentils, cereals, meat, green vegetables, dates, jaggery.Provides pure blood. Prevents anemia.
Vitamin C: lemon, sweet lime, grapes, guava, orange.Absorbs iron, prevents scurvy, and recovers wound fast, keeps skin healthy and nourishing.
Vitamin D: Cod liver oil, egg yolk, sunlight between 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.Prevents bone osteoporosis. Absorbs calcium and phosphorus.
Published on 27-Feb-2019 06:23:06