CakePHP - Installation


In this chapter, we will show the installation of CakePHP 4.0.3. The minimum PHP version that we need to install is PHP 7.3.

You need to have PHP 7.3 and Composer to be installed before starting the installation of cakePHP.

For Windows users, install or update WAMP server with PHP version > 7.3.

Go to and install it.

For Linux users, kindly refer Tutorials Point website which is available at for installation of PHP .

Installing Composer

Go to composer at and click on download as per the operating system (OS) of your computer and install composer on your system. Add the location to PATH variable for windows users, so that you can use composer from any directory.

Once you are done installing composer, let us now start to install CakePHP.

Installing CakePHP

Go to the folder where wamp is located for windows users and in www/ folder, create a folder cakephp4/.

For Linux users, create the folder var/www/html/ and then create folder cakephp4/.

  • cakephp4/ is the folder where we are going to install CakePHP.

Use composer to execute the following command −

composer create-project --prefer-dist cakephp/app:4.0.3 cakephp4

This is what you should see, when the command executes −

Command Executes

Once the installation is complete, use localhost to open your project in browser.

The Path for the same is http://localhost/cakephp.

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