Importance of First Impression

We create an impression about a person within few seconds of meeting him. This sense of judging a person without knowing anything about him is an in-built quality.

This ability to form an impression of a person, quickly, so that we could categorize him in the “friend” category helps us to prepare ourselves for self-defense. It activates “fight-or-flight” defense mechanism, which we act accordingly. In modern terms, this intuition has been given the term “first impression”.

First Impression

We always tend to respect our gut feeling and listen to our inner voice more than any rational explanation and this forms a foundational quality in all human beings. That’s the reason, experts suggest that when you meet someone for the first time, we should strive to achieve the perfect look and present the perfect image.

Knowing etiquettes will not only enable us to understand the other person’s sensibilities but will also help us present an impression of a gentleman or a woman. It will assist in putting your best foot forward so that the focus of the ensuing discussion will be more on the business topics rather than you looking out of place.