Grooming Etiquette - Worksheet

Read the following sentences and state whether they are true or false. Give your explanation too.

  • Bold and bright colors like pink and green are encouraged nowadays in office.

  • If a company encourages its employees to wear casuals and boots to office, you can dress up such for an interview with them too.

  • Some companies might practice a mandate of their employees not having facial hair or long hair.

  • Tattoos and body piercings may be exposed during interviews, as it is a personal preference.

  • Your first job is meeting the expectations of you first and then other things.

  • A professional wardrobe needs to be expensive and full of brand wear.

  • You must try to draw as much attention to yourself with your sense of dressing so that you can attract the attention of the interviewer and stand out in the crowd.

  • You can relax on your dress code and grooming sense once you are employed with the company.

  • Dressing for success means that your clothes are more expensive than anyone else’s is.

  • The best way to dress up for a job interview is to be in suits.

  • Shirts with checks and ties with stripes and checkered designs are acceptable in companies.

  • You can have a casual, informal dressing for interviews if your company allows its employees to dress casually.

  • While dressing for work, women can be liberal with their accessories.

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