Business Etiquette - Introduction

No matter where you go, people expect you to behave in a certain way in society. There could be slight variations of customs and traditions that you have to respect. However, majority of these expectations will be common. For example, smiling is a universally recognized signal of an amiable person. On the other hand, frowning and being rude while interacting is considered impolite.

In “Business Etiquette” we will discuss what etiquettes, the business / corporate world expects from their employees and what you should do to meet their expectations. It helps in building a good, positive network of business people.

Business Etiquette

We will also discuss business etiquette with respect to the established conventions of business-dealing and the various cultural expectations.

In some parts of the world, starting the meeting with a straightforward discussion on business is considered rude, and there are certain places where discussing business while dining is considered inappropriate. Thanks to globalization, we cannot afford to be ignorant of the different cultures we live with.