Biology tutorial

Biology Notes for UPSC IAS Prelims (Part I)

Biology is one of the disciplines of science under which, we study about the various aspects of living organisms. In its given premises, biology includes a wide range of topics such as physiology, morphology, anatomy, behavior, origin, distribution, etc. Broadly, Biology is categorized as Zoology (i.e. study of Animalia Kingdom) and Botany (i.e. study of Plantae Kingdom). Because of having wide range of topics, this tutorial is divided into two parts namely Biology Part 1 and Biology Part 2. Further, these two parts are divided into different chapters for an easy understanding.


This tutorial is designed exclusively for the students preparing for the different competitive exams including Civil Services, banking, railway, eligibility test, IAS, PCS and all other competitive exams of such kind.


This tutorial is partly based on NCERT Biology (class 8th to 10th) i.e. Part I and Part 2 is prepared from different reliable sources and represents largely the significant facts and figures vital for the competitive exams. This tutorial starts with the basic concept of biology; however, prior experience of reading the NCERT science (Biology) books is recommended for the easy understanding.