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How to Use Customer Data Efficiently?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 12-Aug-2022 08:24:21
Customer data is information on customers you've obtained in a first-party setting, such as your websites, apps, physical stores, or other circumstances where customers have volunteered their information with you directly. Email addresses, first names, last names, phone numbers, and country of residence are some of the most frequent types of client data. Much of the information you gather will be first-party data or information that you obtain yourself. You can also buy second or third-party data obtained on your behalf by other companies. Data collection is becoming more complex with the introduction of big data and AI, allowing for ... Read More

How does CRM help salespeople?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 12-Aug-2022 08:22:24
Customer relationship management (CRM) is a process through which a company or other organization manages its contacts with customers, usually by analysing vast volumes of data via data analysis. CRM systems gather data from multiple sources, including a company's website, phone, email, live chat, marketing materials, and, more lately, social media. They enable firms to understand better client retention and sales growth by understanding their target customers and how to best respond to their requests. Customer relationship management (CRM) can be employed with current, potential, or previous customers. Businesses will benefit from understanding the interplay of numerous connections as connected ... Read More

What are the pitfalls to avoid during CRM implementation?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 12-Aug-2022 08:20:09
Customer relationship management (CRM) software has consistently demonstrated its value for a wide range of enterprises across sectors via successful installation records. All top CRM software has the capacity to handle several parts of an organization, including Customer Relations, Sales, Marketing, and Service Management. However, it has been found that many CRM implementations fail, resulting in out-of-pocket costs as well as a negative impact on future income. A CRM system serves as a common hub for all enterprises, offering a range of sales, marketing, and customer service services. No software, on the other hand, can provide value unless it is ... Read More

How does customer service relate to customer experience?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 12-Aug-2022 08:14:35
When individuals talk about customer experience (CX), they usually refer to the typical sales and marketing touchpoints throughout the customer journey (for example, attentive store clerks in attractive stores and simple and beautiful apps and websites). When properly implemented, CX expenditures have previously provided positive benefits, such as enhanced customer retention and acquisition, as well as more significant revenue and loyalty. However, the times have changed. The way we interact with brands, as well as the consumer experience, has evolved over time. Before Covid-19, digital was already having an impact on how we live, shop, work, and play, and the ... Read More

How do KPIs optimize your customer service efforts?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 11-Aug-2022 14:28:25
Customer service is an experiential activity. Thus it's tough to quantify from the customer's perspective. It can be beneficial or harmful, rapid or sluggish, useful or unhelpful, and so forth. Organizations, at the other hand, are in a league of their own. Contact Centers may track and measure just about every variable that affects the quality of their customer service now that sophisticated customer service analytics and reporting solutions are available. Contact centers can improve their overall customer experience (CX), reduce customer churn, and increase brand loyalty by measuring key performance indicators (KPIs). The quantity of consumer data, on the ... Read More

Advantages of Cloud vs. On-Premise CRM

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 11-Aug-2022 14:26:07
Is on-premise CRM's long-term total cost of ownership truly lower than that of a cloud solution? At companies, the fight between an operational expense (also known as OPEX) and capital expense (also known as CAPEX) is contested on a daily basis. Although there are trade-offs regardless of what a company picks, it's evident that opex is becoming more popular. The cloud is making renting incredibly appealing in the age-old rent-versus-buy debate. Why is calculating the total cost of ownership so difficult? As cloud technologies advance, an increasing number of software buyers are weighing software as a service (SaaS) alternatives against ... Read More

How a holistic strategy drives profitable business growth?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 11-Aug-2022 14:21:34
Have you ever considered that all of our purchases go through a buying procedure before they are finalized? This process is referred to as the customer journey, and it comprises all of the phases that a person/buyer persona goes through, from the time they recognize a need to the time they acquire a product or service to meet it. In the case of low-cost items that we buy on impulse, this process can take as little as a few minutes (food in a supermarket, for example). The purchasing procedure could take months or perhaps a year (for instance, when acquiring ... Read More

How to Increase Your Business With Voc Data(Voice of Customer)?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 11-Aug-2022 14:19:43
When it comes to overall customer experience (CX) and individual customer assistance demands, the COVID-19 epidemic has transformed the game. More people are working from home (away from their IT teams) and spending more time on computers and devices, so they often require rapid assistance to get through the day. According to a United Nations research, more than half of respondents purchase online more frequently than before the outbreak and use the internet for pleasure and health-related information. When contacting brands, customers also demand more options and a greater degree of support: 64% prefer to message rather than phone. Also, ... Read More

How does a 360-Degree Customer View Will Help You Grow Your Business?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 11-Aug-2022 14:17:16
As a marketer or salesperson, one of the most crucial things to understand is your customer's point of view. Whether you're attempting to figure out what people do, how they feel about certain products and services, or why they act the way they do, it all boils down to understanding their needs and motivations. But how do you figure out what your clients really want? The answer is a 360-degree picture of the customer. We often assume that because we talk to our consumers every day, we understand their requirements, wants, and desires - but this isn't always the case. ... Read More

What Is Data-Driven Decision-Making?

Kanal S Sajan
Updated on 11-Aug-2022 14:13:45
Facts-driven decision making (DDDM) is making decisions that are supported by hard data rather than being intuitive or based solely on observation. Data-driven decision-making has become a lot more basic aspect of many kinds of sectors, including important fields like medicine, transportation, and equipment manufacture, as business technology has improved dramatically in recent years. Data-driven decision making sometimes referred to as data-driven decision management or data-directed choice making, is a technique for making data-driven judgments. Decisions should be extrapolated from essential data sets that illustrate their anticipated efficacy and how they might turn out, according to the concept of data-driven ... Read More