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RIM instruction in 8085

Chandu yadav
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 12:12:14
In 8085 Instruction set, Read Interrupt Mask. It is a 1-Byte multi-purpose instruction. It is used for the following purposes.To check whether RST7.5, RST6.5, and RST5.5 are masked or not;To check whether interrupts are enabled or not;To check whether RST7.5, RST6.5, or RST5.5 interrupts are pending or not;To perform serial input of data.Mnemonics, OperandOpcode (in HEX)BytesRIM201To get the status information about the interrupt system, Read Interrupt Mask instruction provides status information about interrupt system and this instruction can be used for serial input of data. Through this RIM instruction, 8085 can know which interrupt is masked or unmasked, etc. The ... Read More

8051 Program to Add two 8 Bit numbers

Chandu yadav
Updated on 27-Jun-2020 12:51:12
Intel 8051 is an 8-bit microcontroller. It has many powerful instructions and IO accessing techniques. In this section, we will see one of the simplest program using 8051.Here we will add two8-bit numbers using this microcontroller. The register A(Accumulator) is used as one operand in the operations. There are seven registers R0 – R7 in different register banks. We can use any of them as the second operand.We are taking two number 5FH and D8H at location 20H and 21H, After adding them, the result will be stored at location 30H and 31H.  AddressValue...20H5FH21HD8H...30H00H31H00H...ProgramMOVR0, #20H;set source address 20H to R0 ... Read More