Difference Between Informed and Uninformed Search

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In this post, we will understand the difference between informed search and uninformed search −

Informed Search

  • They contain information on goal state.

  • It helps search efficiently.

  • The information is obtained by a function that helps estimate how close a current state is, to the goal state.

  • Examples of informed search include greedy search and graph search.

  • It uses the knowledge in the process of searching.

  • It helps find the solution quickly.

  • It may or may not be complete.

  • It is inexpensive.

  • It consumes less time.

  • It gives the direction about the solution.

  • It is less lengthy to implement.

Uninformed Search

  • They don’t have any additional information.

  • The information is only provided in the problem definition.

  • The goal state can be reached using different order and length of actions.

  • Examples of uninformed search include depth first search (DFS) and breadth first search (BFS).

  • It doesn’t use the knowledge in the process of searching.

  • It takes more time to show the solution.

  • It is always complete.

  • It is expensive.

  • It consumes moderate time.

  • There is no suggestion regarding finding the solution.

  • It is lengthy to implement.

Updated on 29-Apr-2021 06:15:33