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What are Some Good Python Projects on GitHub?

Tushar Sharma
Updated on 03-Apr-2023 16:02:52
Among the community of developers and programmers, Python is the most popular and in-demand programming language. Around 73 million developers may access an open-source community using Git repositories through GitHub. Python projects are highly sought after to effectively boost programming language expertise, and GitHub can help with that. From building a straightforward password generator to automating repetitive jobs and mining Twitter Data, the repository has something for everyone. Let's look at some of the popular GitHub open-source Python projects that are currently trending. Google Images Download Hundreds of Google photos may be searched for and downloaded with this command-line Python ... Read More

Bare Metal Cloud GitHub Actions

Satish Kumar
Updated on 31-Mar-2023 16:20:39
As technology continues to evolve at a rapid pace, businesses are seeking new ways to optimize their operations and reduce their IT infrastructure costs. One of most popular trends in recent years has been adoption of cloud computing, which allows businesses to access powerful computing resources on-demand, without need for expensive hardware. One particular area of interest for many organizations is use of bare metal cloud services. These services provide users with access to dedicated hardware resources, giving them more control over their infrastructure and greater flexibility in managing their workloads. In this article, we will explore benefits of bare ... Read More

Difference between Git Fetch and Git Pull

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 11:34:50
Introduction It is possible to fetch and pull remote repositories via Git Fetch and Git Pull, respectively. Several third-party websites host Git repos, like GitHub and BitBucket, for example. Developers use remote repositories in order to collaborate with one another. When changes are made on the remote location, those changes are automatically cloned locally. Whenever local commits are made, remote commits are also updated. Remote repositories that have been pushed are collected by Git Fetch and Git Pull. It is important to point out that despite this, their methods of working are different. There are a number of different purposes ... Read More

What is .gitkeep?

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 10:29:34
Introduction Git is a development tool that helps teams manage their source code and handle projects efficiently. It's not possible to include blank/empty directories when uploading via GitHub or another hosting service. There's something wrong with that. Git provides a ".gitkeep" file that fixes this problem. It's good for pushing blank/empty folders with Git. We will cover Gitkeep basics in this article as well as how to commit and push blank/empty Git directories What is .Gitkeep? It is kept by git to ensure blank/empty directories are never added remotely when pushing changes. Git will only find .gitkeep entries in bare ... Read More

How to upload a project to GitHub from VS Code?

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 10:18:03
Introduction When editing code, reviewing changes, and submitting to GitHub, developers often switch between multiple windows. In order for different modules and versions to be operated by different teams, version control is indispensable for every software project. This blog will explain how to publish your Visual Studio Code code to Github. Let's take a look at GitHub and Visual Studio in brief before you start working with them. What is GitHub? A big part of the popularity of GitHub is because of the large developer community that it has. It is a platform that fosters collaboration between developers and facilitates ... Read More

How to install Git On Mac?

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 10:14:07
Introduction With Git, developers can collaborate on projects and track their progress without interfering with each other. This facilitates collaboration within a project and helps prevent confusion or code clashes among team members. An evolving project is tracked and saved as snapshots, effectively keeping a history of its development. It is possible for users to communicate through the system once they install the software on their machines. Developers could collaborate over a centralized source (e.g., GitHub) where they can push and pull changes. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to install Git on a Mac. What is Git? It ... Read More

How to Install Git in Vs Code?

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 10:10:36
Introduction There's no doubt that Git is one of the most popular version control systems out there. Git always keeps track of your work, and if needed, you can revert to an old version if necessary. Using Git, several people can collaborate on a document simultaneously by merging their changes. Even if you write code you will only see yourself, Git can be valuable if you work alone or in a team. Computers run Git locally. With this, it will be possible for you to track and store the files you store on your computer. Revision history and files can ... Read More

How to add an image to your file in Git repository?

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 04-Jan-2023 09:48:54
Introduction Git, an open-source distributed version control system, is capable of handling projects of any size, from tiny to very big. Among the most commonly used features of GitHub is version control. It is useful when you are working with more than one developer in a team. This article shows how to add images to a GitHub file What is GitHub? The GitHub software development platform allows users to manage, track, and collaborate on software projects online. Using this service, developers can upload their own code files and collaborate on open-source projects with their colleagues. In addition to its ... Read More

What is the difference between Mercurial and Git

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 16:02:25
Introduction When it comes to getting started, maintaining efficiency and velocity, or improving team performance, Version Control Systems (VCS) can be a fundamental component for DevOps teams. As well as supporting the mechanical actions required by DevOps – tracking changes, documenting changes, merging data, and more – an effective VCS must also support the needs of the developers – intuitive command syntax, visibility into changes, etc. - since it is constantly used by developers.  During the past decade, distributed VCS has gained widespread popularity, where copies of a single source of truth repository are shared - or cloned - out ... Read More

Tips to write a clean commit history in Git

Muthu Annamalai Venkatachalam
Updated on 14-Dec-2022 16:01:01
Introduction Git is one of the most important tools. Not only does Git keep a history of projects, but it also makes collaboration easy between teams. Although it is such a valuable tool, it is often overlooked or underutilized. Clean Git history tells the story of a project and is easy to understand. The process of adding features and implementing them is evident. Clean Git histories are something I cherish on a project. The good news is, maintaining a clean history is not difficult. Here are some tips for achieving a clean history in git What is Git history The ... Read More