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The Tiny Teacher

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Chapter Summary “The Tiny Teacher” refers to a story that speaks about the “tiniest teacher” and says that humans can learn from them. The story The Tiny Teacher is written by Gill Vaisey. The tiniest teacher is nothing like the ant here and can be a great teacher. This tiny little creature can teach extreme discipline to humans. They are considered to be one of the smallest animals but with this structure, they serve their duties full of dedication. They perform their duties very attentively as well as they are called intelligent and hard-working. They perform works like ... Read More

The Cop and the Anthem

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Chapter Summary ‘The Cop and the Anthem’ is a short story written by O Henry that describes the dilemma of a person to choose between the good and the bad in his life. The main protagonist of the story was a jobless and homeless man. He wanted to make some way to go to prison for kept himself safe from the cold nature of the winter. He made a plan to go to an expensive restaurant and order food without money. The authority of the restaurant was refusing to hand over him to the cops. The plan was badly unsuccessful ... Read More

The Bear Story

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Chapter Summary ‘The Bear Story’, written by William Faulkner, focuses on the beautiful relationship between a pet bear and his owner, a lady who used to live on the edges of a forest. She found the starved bear in that forest and decided to keep him as her pet. As time went on the bear started growing big and turned into a strong adult. Regardless of his stature, he was really amicable and found pleasure in watching over the cattle and playing with children. He also played with the three dogs, and never minded them teasing him. He was put ... Read More

I Want Something in a Cage

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Chapter Summary The story ‘I Want Something in a Cage’ revolves around Mr Purcell who runs a pet shop. There in the shop had many types of pets like various birds, monkeys, fish and many more. Mr Purcell also sold the cages of the pets the seeds for the birds and food for the fish. There in his shop always remained the noises of the various birds and many types of animals. The noises of the various animals always filled the environment of the shop. Many customers came to the shop of Mr Purcell every day. They also loved the ... Read More

Golu Grows a Nose

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Chapter Summary The story ‘Golu Grows a Nose’ by Rudyard Kipling follows the adventure of a baby elephant named Golu, who was always full of queries. He had no trunk but a big nose in its place suiting his questioning habits. He always questioned the other animals who lived with him. Like he asked the Ostrich, why did he never fly like the other birds? He also questioned the hippopotamus, why are your eyes always so red? but no one could answer the questions. One day Golu met with a Mynah. He asked him about the things that a crocodile ... Read More

Bringing Up Kari

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Chapter Summary ‘Bringing up Kari’ by Dhan Gopal Mukerji is a beautiful story that outlines the relationship between an elephant and a body. In this story, Kari is a young elephant whom the narrator met when he was a kid. Here the narrator describes his experience with Kari while they are growing up together. He mentions Kari’s love for the morning bath ritual and how he would spend hours in it. In one instance, he saves a boy and the author from drowning in the river. The author also loves him from the bottom of his heart and always climbs ... Read More

A Tiger in the House

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Chapter Summary The story “A Tiger in the House” was written by Ruskin Bond that highlights how the author’s grandfather bought a tiger cub home and raised him up at his home. Grandfather found the tiger cub in the ‘Terai jungle’ near Dehradun. The tiger that was found hiding “under a Banayan tree” was about 18 inches long. The author’s grandfather named the cub Timothy and used to take good care of him. Grandfather started feeding the tiger cub with milk and then gradually added raw mutton and cod-liver oil to his diet. This diet was also later replaced ... Read More


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Chapter Summary The story ‘Chandni’ was written by Zakir Husain and it depicts the desire for freedom. The lead character, Abbu Khan hosts all goats as they become food for other animals when they roam here and there. Abbu had a huge love for all his goats and he used to feed the best grains and grass to all his goats and keep funny names for them. The old man allows his goats to escape from their huts and roam around. The goats when escaped from their huts they were killed by wolves. This story is all about the freedom ... Read More

An Alien Hand

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Chapter Summary The story ‘An Alien Mind’ by Jayant Narlikar is about Tilloo a young boy living in artificial conditions with his parents under the surface of “Mars”. Tilloo is a young boy so he was not allowed to go beyond and hence he never witnessed either the Sun or the stars. One fine day, Tilloo’s father went to his work using an underground passage which was forbidden to Tilloo. One day Tilloo got an opportunity and he stole his father’s security card that granted him access to the passage. He walked along the path but was halted by the ... Read More

The Desert

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Chapter Summary The Desert portrays a beautiful description of deserts. Many believe that the desert has an extreme climate that is dry and hot. For those who do not live in the desert, it is difficult to understand the beauty of the desert. Deserts have a green island full of plants and trees in the form of an oasis, just like any tropical place. It has cold climates just like the hills of Ladakh. The animals and plants here have learnt to live in this climate. Camels have the ability to sustain high body temperature. They do not sweet and ... Read More