Chapter Summary

The story ‘Chandni’ was written by Zakir Husain and it depicts the desire for freedom. The lead character, Abbu Khan hosts all goats as they become food for other animals when they roam here and there. Abbu had a huge love for all his goats and he used to feed the best grains and grass to all his goats and keep funny names for them. The old man allows his goats to escape from their huts and roam around. The goats when escaped from their huts they were killed by wolves.

This story is all about the freedom of a brave goat whose name was Chandni. Here, the author not only depicts the freedom of Chandni but also highlights her bravery. Chandni's bravery was found in the action where she fought with a mighty wolf and overcame her fears.

Abbu Khan and His Goat Chandni

Abbu Khan was the major character of the story Chandni who use to keep goats as his pets. The goats wanted to run away to beautiful valleys or hills to enjoy eating and for freedom.

The goats enjoy eating fresh green grasses and roaming around. At this time, they all encountered wild wolves who tried to kill them in the hills.

Abbu Khan said, “No more goats in my house ever again.” Then he changed his mind. Why?

Abbu Khan first thought that as the wild wolves were killing all his goats he would not keep any goats at his home. However, after some days he felt very lonely and thought of keeping goats in huts again.

Why did Abbu Khan buy a young goat?

Abbu thought of buying a young goat in the desire that the goat will live with him for a longer period. The young goat can provide good company to him and will never run away for freedom.

Chandni hated the rope around her neck

Chandni was the young female goat that Abbu has bought for his company. The goat hated when the old man ties a rope around her neck as the rope pulled her back from running away to hills and enjoying green grasses. Even if Chandni knew the possible consequences of going to the hills alone, she desired to be free.

What was Chandni’s problem?

Chandi knew that she might be killed by a wild wolf if she went to the hills then also she chooses to run away to the hills for freedom. The female wanted freedom over life and thought that it would be better to face a wolf by getting free than to stay chained in the hut forever. This was the central problem of Chandni, due to which Abbu was worried.

Channi’s refusal to join the group of wild goats

Chandi was the female brave goat that Abbu bought as he wanted a young companion for himself. The young goat refused to join the wild goats' group as she had always wanted to enjoy the freedom of running to hills and eating green grasses alone.

How Chandni is the winner?

Chandni was a young goat and a pet to Abbu Khan and was well known for her bravery. She has always wanted to remain free to live her life. One day when she runs away to the hills for freedom, she encountered a wild wolf. She fearlessly fought the wolf like a brave warrior. This action of Chandni forced the wise old bird to claim that she is the winner.

Death in an open field is better than life in a small hut, Chandni said to herself. Was it the right decision?

Chandni was a brave goat who had always chosen freedom over life. The above decision that was taken by Chandni was a brave and tough decision. Changing should have stayed with Abbu happily instead of running away to the hills and fighting with a wild wolf. She must have selected to live in the hut happily instead of desiring freedom.

Freedom is life. Discuss this with reference to ‘Chandni’ and ‘I Want Something in a Cage.’

The line Freedom is life highlights the meaning that Living in bondage is as good as being dead. Every living organism including animals, birds, and human carves for freedom. The main theme of this text is the value of freedom where Chandni was the brave female goat who wanted to live freely instead of staying chained in the hut.

In the context of the text Chandni, the line I Want Something in a Cage means that, a man who remained a prisoner in jail for 10 years understood the pain of the caged birds. The man then freed 2 doves from their cage as he understood their desire to fly in the blue sky freely.

The goats of Abbu also desired to roam freely and fearlessly in the hills than staying chained in their huts. All goats left Abbu one by one as they accepted the fact that freedom is more valuable than life. Chandni was their inspiration as her fight with the wolf proved that freedom is more valuable than anything is. Chandni believed that death in an open field is better than a life in a small hut.


Q1. Who is the speaker of the line The wolf and the goat sized up each other? The wolf was big and ferocious whereas the goat, though healthy, was small? Name the text from where the above line has been taken.

Ans. The above lines have been taken from the prose Chandni. The author of this prose is Zakir Husain.

Q2. What misfortune arrived at Chandni after sunset?

Ans. Chandni was enjoying her freedom in the hills until sunset. After sunset when the wind stopped and darkness prevailed a grunting sound of a dangerous wolf scared Chandni. The female goat instead of losing courage and hope fought bravely with the wolf till her last breath. However, Chandni lost her life but became ideal to other goats as she taught all of them how to face any difficult situation bravely.

Q3. What is the main message of this story?

Ans. The story Chandni was all about the female goat's bravery and craving for freedom. This story highlights the message that freedom needs one to have a brave heart that makes the person ready to encounter any difficult situation under any circumstances. The story also depicts the message through Chandni’s bravery that one must always choose freedom over life.

Updated on: 05-Jan-2023


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