The Tiny Teacher

Chapter Summary

“The Tiny Teacher” refers to a story that speaks about the “tiniest teacher” and says that humans can learn from them. The story The Tiny Teacher is written by Gill Vaisey. The tiniest teacher is nothing like the ant here and can be a great teacher. This tiny little creature can teach extreme discipline to humans. They are considered to be one of the smallest animals but with this structure, they serve their duties full of dedication.

They perform their duties very attentively as well as they are called intelligent and hard-working. They perform works like cleaning as well as soldering and they live in an “anthill”. This place is seen full of various tiny rooms as well as passages. They are surrounded by a “queen ant” and she is able in laying eggs. This queen ant learns her duties as well as the conditions in which she has to live.

The little creatures have taught great lessons to humans about their duties as well as the matter of cleanliness. Therefore, it is seen that this little creature taught the ethics of work to humans. Their way of working is greatly taught to humans and they are seen as honest to their “queen”.

Time Taken for a Grub to Become a Complete Ant

A grub mainly needs about five to six weeks of time for becoming a complete ant. This story presents the life cycles of ants as well as their duties and it is a great lesson for human beings. It is seen that the cocoon breaks after three weeks and then the appearance of a complete ant happens.

It is seen that the grubs are the most essential part of the creation of a complete ant. After the first three weeks, the cocoons here remain without any kind of activity as well as food for the rest times.

Reason why Worker Ants Carry the Grubs

The ants that fall under the category of worker perform different activities. They mainly carry the grubs for airing, exercise as well as sunshine. Those ants help in feeding those grubs as well as cleaning them. These are the works that are performed through the worker ants.

Different Working activities for New Working Ants

There are different workings for different ants and it is said that the worker ants perform different activities such and feeling as well as exercising the grubs. They also give them sunshine and help in exercising in the situation.

On the other hand, the ants that are considered new get proper training from the ants that are considered old. They are trained for some of the jobs like builders, soldiers, cleaners, as well as workers.

Other Creatures That Live on Anthills

Anthill is a place where the ants live and there are more than a hundred tiny passages in those places. The most important factor here is that not only do the ants live in this place but also some other creatures dwell in that place. The creatures include the beetles as well as the greenfly. The lesser breeds of ants also live in the place of anthill and this place is called the comfortable homes.

Things that we can learn from the ‘tiny teacher’

The ants are considered to be the tiny creatures having specific features such as discipline in their lives. They are called the teachers and humans can learn from those teachers the way of working without any fight. All the ants perform their work religiously and they collaborate with each other. They perform their duties without poking their nose in the works of others.

Their duties are defined well and each of them performs them efficiently. They are considered to be the hard-working animals and most times are passed in search of food. They are intelligent creatures and they are brave enough. The old ants care for the ants that are born newly and help them in learning their duties. Therefore, it is seen that humans can learn the art of working together peacefully from those little ones. Humans can also learn the lesson of loyalty from those creatures.

In What Ways an Ant’s Life is Peaceful?

This story proves that the lives of the ants are peaceful and the reason behind this is that each of them shares their work. They perform their works bravely as well as intelligently. They do not make a fight with each other and they are very particular about their duties as well as cleanliness. This matter mainly proves that the lives of the ants are peaceful as they have a cooperative nature.


Q1. How do the ants communicate with each other?

Ans. The ants are considered to be tiny little creatures and they make communication with each other. The antennae are the most important part of their communication and the teachers or the old ants used to communicate with the little ants.

Q2. Which insect is called the Wisest Insect?

Ans. The ants here are considered to be the most intellectual insect and they are the most common as well as smallest insects. It is important to note that sometimes the story of the lives of ants is not true. The reason behind this matter is that the lifestyles of the ants are most disciplined as well as very proper. Humans should observe them closely for earning honesty as well as discipline from those little creatures. They are also named tiny, hard-working, as well as intelligent creatures.

Q3. What is the moral of the story ‘The Tiny Teacher’?

Ans. The story ends with a moral note that says that people can learn different things from the ants. They are considered to be hard-working, intelligent, disciplined, as well as loyal creatures. The old ants take care of the new ants and they also trained them. They are considered to be the big teachers to humans. Humans can learn the act of cleanliness from them and loyalty s the most important part of their lives. The sense of duty is one of the most important aspects of those creatures.

Updated on: 05-Jan-2023

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