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The Effects of Lying in A Startup: Why Is Honesty Important for Entrepreneurs

Darshna Jivrajka
Updated on 15-Feb-2023 12:41:52
A common question that most startup founders come across at least once is ‘Can we lie to our customers?’. Based on the circumstances, lying can have different consequences for the startup founder and his enterprise. While it can sometimes help the startup founder buy time, it can also put the reputation of the business at stake by making false promises. In this article, we shall look into the effects of lying in a startup. Lying vs Being Deceptive: The Dilemma in Startups Every startup founder wants to build the foundation of their enterprise with honesty and integrity. Being honest ... Read More

A Day in The Life of an Entrepreneur

Darshna Jivrajka
Updated on 15-Feb-2023 12:40:16
An entrepreneur's life can shift between excitement, stress, exhilaration, and multitasking. Starting a new business comes with huge responsibilities and challenges. However, it is equally rewarding to overcome such obstacles and watch your venture reach heights. A day of an entrepreneur’s life keeps changing based on the current stage of their business. In this article, we shall look at what a typical day in the life of an entrepreneur looks like. Who Is an Entrepreneur? An entrepreneur is a one-man army with the ability to start and run a new business amidst uncertainty to gain profits. Entrepreneurs are innovators ... Read More

6 Major Struggles Faced by Indian Entrepreneurs

Darshna Jivrajka
Updated on 15-Feb-2023 12:38:54
Entrepreneurs serve as a one-man army for their new venture. From juggling between multiple departments to pulling five all-nighters in a row, they go through a bunch of challenges while starting their business. While the career option comes with a truckload of rewards once the enterprise takes off, there are some common struggles that most entrepreneurs face in the initial stages of their endeavors. In this article, we shall look at the 6 major struggles faced by Indian entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship in India With Make in India campaign and Startup India initiatives creating a favorable environment for budding entrepreneurs to ... Read More

5 Reasons Why Startups Should Utilize Crowdsourcing to Reach Success

Darshna Jivrajka
Updated on 15-Feb-2023 12:36:46
Every startup aspires to success, but it can occasionally be challenging to know how to get there. In this article, we examine the benefits of crowdsourcing for companies, including how it might assist them in achieving their objectives. Using the crowdsourcing business model, businesses go outside of their organization for unique solutions from big groups of people. Discover the five reasons why startups should use crowdsourcing to succeed, starting from cost savings to delivery speed! Introduction to Crowdsourcing The term ‘crowdsourcing’ has gained popularity in recent years as an increasing number of businesses use internet platforms to outsource jobs. ... Read More

5 Reasons Why Finding the Right People for The Job Is Crucial for A Startup

Darshna Jivrajka
Updated on 15-Feb-2023 12:34:49
The most important asset in any startup is its manpower. It is the personnel that can turn the concept of the startup founder into actuality with their skills and hardwork. As a business grows, it needs a strongly skilled team to overcome the blockages that lie in an entrepreneurial journey. It is crucial to hire the right personnel for the right job in a startup to avoid fatal errors and loss of business resources. In this article, we shall look into the importance of the right personnel in entrepreneurship. The Role of Teamwork in a Startup Startups are vigorous. ... Read More

8 Ways to Make an Impactful Digital Marketing Strategy

Vedasree Gandham
Updated on 09-Feb-2023 16:01:56
Marketing has evolved significantly in recent years, and what worked even just a few years ago may be completely irrelevant today. If you want to continue to realize success, remain competitive, and deliver more value, you must be willing to adapt to change as it occurs. To have a successful marketing plan, you need strategic thinking, alignment between departments, willingness to test new approaches and close monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) which will tell you how to be more proficient and achieve better outcomes. That being said, here are 8 ways to make an impactful digital marketing strategy. ... Read More

The Concept of Camouflaged Advertising

Akshaya Daga
Updated on 09-Feb-2023 14:36:03
For us, the world is available with a click. We are spoiled with information, so it becomes difficult for companies to draw our attention. Through age-old methods of advertising, companies have been dragging the attention of consumers to their products, services, and brand names. Through the creative storytelling process, they have been able to tell us the benefits of the product, why it is preferable to the competitor’s product, and why and how the consumer should buy the product. However, after years of being exploited by companies (selling us things we don't need) through lucrative advertisements, consumers have become banner ... Read More

How Can Companies Target Global Consumers?

Akshaya Daga
Updated on 09-Feb-2023 14:18:50
Companies are no longer operating and competing in their local market. Now the competition is worldwide. Products from Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, and other countries can be found in our local ration shops. This bulk availability of products from the various corners of the world is because of privatization, liberalization, and globalization policies. Hence, it is very critical for businesses to become global leaders or brands. In this article, we will be understanding global consumers and what the different strategies for targeting global consumers and the global market might be. Companies like Head and Shoulders of P&G, Loreal Paris, IKEA, ... Read More

Tips for Using PowerPoint Presentation More Efficiently

Anusha Beri
Updated on 09-Feb-2023 11:41:47
Presentations are simple to create, quick to revamp, and a useful tool for any business professional or student to operate in their projects. And it is often said that a powerful PowerPoint presentation helps you convey your message to your audience effectively. To begin, let us take a moment to learn what a Powerpoint presentation is. What is a PPT? A PowerPoint slideshow (PPT) is a presentation prepared with Microsoft software that allows users to include audio, visual, and audio/visual elements in their presentations. It is a multimedia technology that also serves as a tool for collaboration and content ... Read More

Tasks in Outlook: How to Stay Organized (with Tips)

Anusha Beri
Updated on 09-Feb-2023 11:35:34
Business organizations worldwide use emails for internal and external communications with customers, vendors, partners, and others. In spite of technological advances, sending and receiving emails takes time and disrupts work. The Task function in Microsoft Outlook is a useful tool for project management. Outlook allows you to create tasks, set reminders, and due dates, and track impending tasks. You may develop a clear plan for the day and week ahead by learning how to utilize Tasks in Outlook and determining the best approach to devote your time to accomplish a goal. In this blog post, we will take you ... Read More
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