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Difference Between Electron Geometry and Molecular Geometry

Vineet Nanda
Updated on 12-May-2023 15:23:31


Electron geometry and molecular geometry are two concepts that are important in the field of chemistry. These concepts are related to the arrangement of atoms in a molecule and the distribution of electrons around those atoms. Although these terms sound similar, there are fundamental differences between them that are important to understand. What is Electron Geometry? The term electron geometry refers to the name of the geometry of the electron pair/groups/domains on the central atom, whether they are bonding electrons or non-bonding electrons. Electron pairs are defined as electrons in pairs or bonds, lone pairs, or sometimes a single unpaired ... Read More


Praveen Varghese Thomas
Updated on 25-Jan-2023 03:04:22


Introduction In the history of physics, the composition of matter was always a central question. The question “What is the universe made of?” is baffling scientists since ancient times. At the beginning of the 20th century, several experiments were carried out by the physicists like Thomson, Rutherford, etc. They found that an atom is made is not indivisible, and it is made of smaller particles. Slowly, it became clear that the atom consists of electrons, protons, and neutrons. Protons and neutrons reside in the nucleus and the electrons revolve around it. In the 1930s, many physicists thought that the problem ... Read More

Derivation of Van Der Waals Equation

Updated on 13-Oct-2022 11:19:47


Introduction Van der Waals Equation is commonly known as the Van der Waals Equation for real or a mole of gases that does not follow the law of ideal games. As per the law of ideal gases that are PV = nRT, where P refers to the external or internal pressure applied to the gases, V stands for the volume, and n denotes the number of the moles. In this formula, T denotes the temperature and R stands for the universal gas constant. What is Van der Waals Equation? Van der Waals Equation in terms of real gases denotes the ... Read More

Size of the Nucleus

Updated on 22-Aug-2023 10:51:26


Introduction In the field of physics, the identification of fundamental structures is quite essential for the study of nuclei. However, the structure of the nucleus would not have been known to the world if Ernest Rutherford would not conduct the experiment of gold foil in understanding the structure of atoms. This is noted that earlier, the structure of an atom was seen as a pulp pudding model that is proposed by Thompson. In this model, it was thought that the pudding with the nucleus has positive materials, whereas, the plums denote the distribution of negative charges. Definition of nucleus ... Read More

Shell Model

Updated on 22-Aug-2023 10:49:46


Introduction In a shell model, the basic structure of a particular nucleus is demonstrated. According to this model, the neutrons and protons are situated in separate and different systems of shells. Significant analogous of a shell is also an important part of a shell model. At the outside of a nucleus, electrons are found. The shell model of the nuclear is an important model, associated with the model of the atomic nucleus. Among various shell models of the nucleus, the first one was introduced by Dmitry Ivanenko in 1932. In a shell model, principles of Pauli exclusion are used. ... Read More