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Excellent Marketing Initiatives by Amazon

Akshaya Daga
Updated on 02-Aug-2023 16:18:54


Introduction In this competitive and cutthroat business environment, providing customers with solutions is not enough; to succeed, companies have to innovate regularly and take customer-centric initiatives. Companies have to spread their wings in different domains so that they can be the one-stop destination as well as the go-to-go brand for all the customer’s needs throughout the different phases of their lifecycle. Amazon is one such company that has understood this need of its customers. Amazon has been in the market for the last 28 years and is the biggest retailer in the world. In this article, we will be diving ... Read More

Difference between Amazon S3 and Box

Updated on 14-Apr-2023 18:50:35


Both cloud storage options provide business solutions and cloud storage functionalities. While Amazon S3 opens the door to the various AWS cloud computing facilities, Box provides unlimited storage. As there appears no file preview while downloading, there may be some confusion while downloading them. Again, Box may crash randomly and cause some problems for first-time users. The data stored are protected against multiple failures, errors, or threats in the case of Amazon S3, while Box provides security while sharing files and also in collaboration. Amazon S3 Amazon S3 was created by Amazon Web Services in 2006 for giving a one-stop ... Read More

What is Amazon Digital Marketing?

Shivam Jadoun
Updated on 23-Mar-2023 11:22:52

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Many of the top MBA schools in the world have studied Amazon’s Marketing Strategy. If your business sells products on Amazon, then you need to make sure that you market them so that potential buyers can find them and purchase them. With the help of Amazon marketing, you can boost your visibility and increase the number of qualified leads that your company can attract. Let’s understand Amazon’s marketing and its strategies. Amazon marketing is a process that involves promoting your products and brand on the site. This can be done through various methods such as search engine optimization, ad ... Read More