Excellent Marketing Initiatives by Amazon


In this competitive and cutthroat business environment, providing customers with solutions is not enough; to succeed, companies have to innovate regularly and take customer-centric initiatives. Companies have to spread their wings in different domains so that they can be the one-stop destination as well as the go-to-go brand for all the customer’s needs throughout the different phases of their lifecycle.

Amazon is one such company that has understood this need of its customers. Amazon has been in the market for the last 28 years and is the biggest retailer in the world.

In this article, we will be diving deep into the birth, the growth trajectory, and the excellent marketing initiatives of Amazon. To understand what the company has done right and has been doing for decades.

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The Birth and Growth Trajectory of Amazon

Amazon started its operation in the year 1995. Amazon was the world's largest bookstore and, ironically, had zero books in its depository. Amazon, along with varied choices of books, provides its customers with recommendations like what they might want to buy next after studying their buying patterns and provides the book reader with a platform through which they can connect with other readers and read reviews that will help them make optimal choices.

In the late 1990s, Amazon started expanding its wings into other domains and started selling videos at rentals, online video games, DVDs, software, and others.

Excellent Marketing Initiatives by Amazon

The A-Z Marketing Campaign by Amazon

Amazon might have started as a company that wanted to excel at selling books to customers online and providing them with what local bookstore owners cannot (more variety of books as well as recommendations and reviews from thousands of customers), but Jeff always had in mind that it wanted to sell everything to everyone. Amazon, through its continual efforts, has proven itself to be the world’s biggest retailer in the online world.

All items from A to Z are available in Amazon, be they clothes, accessories, home care products, utensils, skin care products, toys, games, software, books, and others.

Search Engine Optimization Ads by Amazon

Amazon invests heavily in keyword advertising as well as in keyword bidding. If today you are searching for Nike shoes or Adidas shoes, then you will find many brands competing for the same, and Amazon would be one of them.

Along with this, there are hundreds and hundreds of retailers attached to Amazon for selling their products. Amazon as a website has millions of search pages, improving the overall ranking of the Amazon website in the digital world.

Product Display Ad by Amazon

Amazon provides similar items to its users. In this option, if the users might like some item, there is a small button that will show similar products like this one so that they can feel that they have options and choose the best one. This initiative by Amazon is successful because it develops a successful customer journey and enhances the customer experience.

The Amazon Sale

Along with year-round discounts, Amazon comes up with sales almost every holiday, which is a great marketing initiative by the company. These sales encourage customers to purchase more recklessly, which helps the company clear stocks and bring in more traffic to the website and the application.

Some of the Amazon sales are: Amazon Holi sales, Amazon Women’s Day sale, Amazon Mega Home summer sale, Amazon End of the Year sale, Amazon Big Savings Day, Amazon Freedom sale, and others.

Amazon’s Kindle and Alexa Invention

Amazon came up with the Kindle, through which customers can read the electronic version of thousands of books, magazines, and newspapers in just one click. The Kindle was a super hit, and it was the most-sold product by Amazon in 2009.

Along with the Kindle, Amazon also came up with paperbacks that helped the customer get hard copies of various books at a very reduced price. Today, Alexa by Amazon your personal assistant has taken up the place of Google. Alexa is a voice support system that makes day-to-day activities easy for the customers and would do all the search results as well as calling activities of the customers as per the customer command.

Amazon Prime by Amazon

Amazon Prime provides the user with same-day delivery, free delivery, more discounts, and better prices. Many investors might see this as a downfall, but Jeff explained that this is a way in which he can create more loyal customers, enhance the customer experience, and increase the frequency of purchases and orders.

Social Media Platform

Amazon has strong and immeasurable platforms on all the major social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others. Amazon not only sells the company's services but also uses these applications to hire employees for Amazon. Amazon has understood that most of its target customers are present on social media.

Amazon and its Advertising

Amazon is the biggest platform in the United States for advertising. Many businesses spend millions of dollars to rank first in the Amazon search algorithm.


Amazon is today’s biggest retailer in the world. More than 306 items are sold on Amazon every second, and more than 26 million products are sold in a day. Amazon today acts as a platform through which retailers can sell their products to customers and also manufactures the most popular products for customers.

Amazon operates in more than 100 countries and has more than 154,100 employees in the organization.

Along with retail products, Amazon today sells its cloud services and software products to customers as well. Amazon Web Service is one of the skills today's developers must have in retail and other industries. Amazon today is achieving success by leaps and bounds, and the reason for its success is continuous innovation to keep the customer happy and be a one-stop destination for all needs.

Updated on: 02-Aug-2023


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