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10 Effective Ways to Use YouTube in Digital Marketing

Kiruthika Ravi
Updated on 26-Apr-2023 15:51:45
Digital marketing is adding lots and lots of value to large companies and small-time businesses. This is made possible by the leverage that social media has given to digital marketing. Social media marketing is a whole area in itself and has helped improve the chances of marketing places, people, products, and even more. Amongst all the other social media platforms, YouTube has got to have a special mention. Because YouTube is the best and topmost platform for both content craving public and content creators. It helps engage millions of users in an effective manner and YouTube has a solid model ... Read More

How to Bypass YouTube ADs

Ajay yadav
Updated on 29-Sep-2020 11:03:26
Sometimes the random ads are irritating in YouTube video. I am showing how you can bypass YouTube Ads by using a simple trick.What to do?Open your browser.Visit URL.When you visit your favorite video on YouTube, on address bar, you need to add a dot [.]Done.POC ExampleWhen you visit a YouTube video, Url looks like, and here you will need to add in URL. (Showing ADs) (Not Show ADs)Note - It will work on the desktop. For mobile browser, you need to use a desktop version of the video page.How does it worksIt's a commonly forgotten edge case, ... Read More

How YouTube helps you Earn Money?

karthikeya Boyini
Updated on 20-Jan-2020 12:59:27
In 2005, the first video was uploaded on the YouTube, “me at the zoo” and now ten years later we find nearing to 100 hours of content is uploaded to Google‘s Video-sharing service each minute and each month nearing to six billion of videos are watched each month. That’s equal to an hour for each person on the planet.Partner ProgramYouTube provides a Partner program which can help you monetize your video’s on YouTube. Once you gain acceptance into the program, you can upload a video, which you have created, then enable advertising for your video and you need to wait ... Read More

Best ways to call more viewers on youtube

Samual Sam
Updated on 09-May-2022 10:30:43
It is really shocking that in many cases, some people get number of subscribers (viewers) and some don’t get single one, every day. There are various ways that define how many subscribers people get on YouTube, every day. Some people are already celebrity before creating account in Youtube and some become celebrity after creating account in Youtube.Now, getting good subscribers on Youtube is really become a difficult task because everyone has become smart, they know where to get and how to get right thing (video). More subscribers bring that much numbers of views and build your position strong in Youtube.So, ... Read More