How YouTube helps you Earn Money?

In 2005, the first video was uploaded on the YouTube, “me at the zoo” and now ten years later we find nearing to 100 hours of content is uploaded to Google‘s Video-sharing service each minute and each month nearing to six billion of videos are watched each month. That’s equal to an hour for each person on the planet.

Partner Program

YouTube provides a Partner program which can help you monetize your video’s on YouTube. Once you gain acceptance into the program, you can upload a video, which you have created, then enable advertising for your video and you need to wait patiently so that money may pour in.

Advertisement Revenue

For the majority, the revenue generated from YouTube helps them pay their utility bills, but few can strike gold. One more positive news, small business enterprises as well as large can build their brand on the World Wide Web.

Are you Popular on Social Media?

If you are popular on social media, then you can expect cash coming your way sooner or later. You can earn a lot of money from varied annoying ads which pop up just before the start of the video. But you should know a significant point that, Google receives user’s revenue nearing to 45% of YouTube and after that the remaining amount it hands over to you. You may be thinking that it is hefty slice, so you need to reach thousands of viewers so that money gets serious. Other significant factors are also considered; below I have listed for your convenience.

  • Number of subscribers
  • Length of video watched
  • Number of Views
  • How much amount of user makes in the end
  • How many in a row are viewed

What affects the real profit in big manner is block ads and you might be spending a lot of amount in production.

30 Seconds Matters Most

You do not make money based on the number of views but you make money based on the people engagement with the ad. Engagement in this context means, clicking or watching the ad for more than 30 seconds. Adwords platform is managed by YouTube Advertising. Many advertisers prefer ads on a CPC (Cost per Click) or CPV (Cost per View) model.

Advertisment Types

CPC (Cost per Click)

For CPC, the advertiser pays money depending on the clicks. If a specific keyword has a CPC nearing to Rs.100 and if someone clicks on an ad, then the advertiser would be charged about Rs.100.

During the video, varied text ads, pop up in the lower part of the screen, we also observe square banner does appear on the right side.

CPV (Cost per View)

For CPV, advertisers pay money depending on the views. According to the advertiser, a view means someone watches an ad for minimum 30 seconds or watches half ad. Even if a user clicks the ad more than 100 times, but the advertiser would not shell more money because they are not paying based on clicks but they are paying based on the view.


These ads appear before the video begins and viewers can choose to skip them after five seconds and these ads act as a preview.

  • In Search ads: They appear in the search results and they are surrounded by a light yellow box.
  • In-Display Ads: In the suggested video area, these ads show up on the right side.
  • Third party Pre-roll ads: Lastly, we find there are third party pre-roll ads which forces the users to watch for a specific amount of time. These forced ads do not apply to the majority, so you may skip concentrating on it.

The following are the 8 steps which can help you in building Youtube videos.

Setting up and Building YouTube Channel

The YouTube account is similar to Google account. When you create a YouTube account, you will have access to other Google products, like Google Drive and Gmail. By adding keywords, you can help numerous people locate your channel. You need to concentrate that your keyword should be relevant to the content what you have written. Your user name should be small so that many remember it.

Add Content

You should try to upload high-quality content. Also need to make sure you tag your video’s which have keywords that describes the content in the best manner and draws attention from people.

Gain Audience

Key to increase your monetization is building an audience. More number of people should watch your ads. By responding to the comments you should interact with your viewers and also occasionally you should make video’s directly related viewer questions and comments.

Monetize Videos

You should enable monetization, by this you allow YouTube to place ads in your video. By doing, you acknowledge that there is no copyright material.

Google Adsense Account

You must setup a Google Adsense account, it is free. Remember, you should be 18 years or above, incase if you are less than 18 years take the help of an adult. You should have either bank account or PayPal account and a valid mail address and other information so that Adsense can verify your identity and send money.

Check your Analytics

Once you have few videos uploaded, you can check the analytics and this helps you measure the performance. In the channel menu, when you click the analytics option, you can view the ad performance, estimated earning, demographics and video views.

Begin Marketing your Videos Elsewhere

To increase audience, you can start a blog, you can post your videos on other social media site or you can make a website. The number of views is always better. By either embedding the video on the internet or sharing the link, you can increase your audience.

You Tube Partner

Any time you can become a YouTube partner. When you become a partner, you will be able to gain more access to varied content creation tools and also you can very well win prizes depending on the number of views on your videos.

Making money on YouTube is not that easy, but at the same time it is not tough. You get paid only when people view ads on your YouTube channel and not the number of clicks. You must try to focus on your audience needs and upload constantly high quality content

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