Best ways to call more viewers on youtube

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It is really shocking that in many cases, some people get number of subscribers (viewers) and some don’t get single one, every day. There are various ways that define how many subscribers people get on YouTube, every day. Some people are already celebrity before creating account in Youtube and some become celebrity after creating account in Youtube.

Now, getting good subscribers on Youtube is really become a difficult task because everyone has become smart, they know where to get and how to get right thing (video). More subscribers bring that much numbers of views and build your position strong in Youtube.

So, it is really important to get more and more subscribers on Youtube to become popular. Follow given below steps to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel,

Upload multiple videos of same or different category

People who are popular on Youtube channel upload many videos (approximate, 100 – 200) everyday of same category or different category. It is true, if you want to become popular (attract viewers) in Youtube then you have to work hard and upload more and more videos of same category or different category. Viewers will attract towards you and your channel by providing multiple videos on Youtube.

Upload quality videos on Youtube

With quantity, quality should also be there in videos that can only attract viewers towards you. You have seen in many videos that have become popular due to many factors like; sound, picture, themes, etc. Sound, picture, and themes all together increase the quality of any video. Uploading good videos become good reason for subscribers to subscribe your channel.

Introduce a giveaway on YouTube

Giveaways result always brings more engagement, subscribers, and followers. Introducing a giveaway is like others are telling their friends about you. The $1.5 million giveaway totally altered Esurience’s presence on Twitter.

Advertise on social networking site

You can also do publicity about your videos through your social networking site. Increasing number of publicity about your channel and videos on social networking site increases more number of viewers.

Frequently upload videos

When you frequently upload videos on Youtube your viewers always be knowing that when you are coming up with next video. Because of your regular update people get attract toward your channel and always wait for your next update, they also know the exact date and time of your next video.

Tell about your coming soon video

Highlight the video heading, before releasing it, so that, your subscriber can tell to other subscriber about your video. This is the best way to do the publicity about your coming soon video.

Request viewers to subscribe your channel video till end

This technique will be effective liable on how best your videos are and how many videos your viewers watch. This technique is used by people with over 10,000 subscribers. But, do not request for your viewers to view to your channel. Requesting and begging are two dissimilar stuffs. When requesting for subscribers, use notes. The notes should tell people what they will get for subscribing to your channel.

Nicely, interact with your viewers

If someone interacts with you while asking some question or saying some good things about your video, response them very nicely on their asked question and by saying thanks (on good comments). This puts good impact on viewers and might that viewer call other viewers.

Include a YouTube widget to your blog.

If your blog is always loaded with subscribers comment then you will effortlessly get more subscribers with a YouTube widget. Using the widget, visitors can view your channel without leaving your blog.

Make good relation with other YouTubers

Not only, interact with people who are yours subscribes or who write good comments on your videos, interact with other Youtubers too, which will be helpful in increasing Youtube network.


It is very much true that uploading video on Youtube is not an enough task; you should know how to make it popular.

Use all above techniques to make your uploaded video popular and get good comments on videos.

Updated on 09-May-2022 10:30:43