Arduino Uno vs Teensy

We will have a comparison of the specifications of Arduino Uno and the Teensy 3.5 board.

Arduino Uno


Please refer to the table below for the detailed comparison −

GeneralDimensions2.7¨ x 2.1¨2.5¨ x 0.7¨

ConnectivityI/O Pins1442
PWM Pins620
Analog Pins625

Flash Memory32 kB512 kB
SRAM2 kB256 kB
Clock speed16 MHz120 MHz
Voltage Level5V3.3V (though all pins are 5V tolerant)
USB ConnectivityStandard A/B USBMicro-USB

CommunicationHardware Serial Ports16
SPI SupportYes (1x)Yes (3x)
CAN SupportNoYes
I2C SupportYes (1x)Yes (3x)

Apart from the points mentioned above, as you can see from Teensy 3.5’s visual, it has a builtin SD Card Holder. It also has a Cryptographic Acceleration Unit, Real Time Clock and CRC Computation Unit. Its microcontroller is ARM-Cortex M4 based, which makes it very powerful.

You can read more specifications of Teensy 3.5 here −

In order to program your Teensy boards with Arduino, you need to download the Teensyduino Add-on. Follow the instructions here −

Updated on: 31-Jul-2021

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