Arduino Uno vs Arduino Due

We will have a comparison of the specifications of Arduino Uno and the Arduino Due Board

Arduino Uno

Arduino Due

GeneralDimensions2.7¨ x 2.1¨4¨ x 2.1¨

ConnectivityI/O Pins1454
PWM Pins612
Analog Pins612
Analog Out Pins (DAC)-2

Flash Memory32 kB512 kB
SRAM2 kB96 kB (split in two banks of 64 kB and 32 kB)
Clock speed16 MHz84 MHz
Voltage Level5V3.3V
USB ConnectivityStandard A/B USBMicro USB

CommunicationHardware Serial Ports14
SPI SupportYesYes
I2C SupportYesYes

Note that the Due board differs from other Arduino boards in terms of voltage level. The microcontroller in Arduino due runs at 3.3 V instead of 5 V (common in most other boards). If you connect a higher voltage to the pins, you may end up damaging the board. The board can take power from a USB or a DC plug (at 7-12 V), because there is an onboard voltage regulator, that converts this value to 3.3 V.