Angular 8 - Building with Bazel

Bazel is an advanced build and test tool. It supports lot of features suitable for large projects.

Some of the features of Bazel are as follows:

  • Support multiple languages.
  • Support multiple platforms.
  • Support multiple repository.
  • Support high-level build language.
  • Fast and reliable.

Angular supports building the application using bazel. Let us see how to use bazel to compile Angular application.

First, install @angular/bazel package.

npm install -g @angular/bazel 

For existing application, Add @angular/bazel as mentioned below:

ng add @angular/bazel

For new application, use below mentioned command:

ng new --collection=@angular/bazel 

To build an application using bazel, use below command:

ng build --leaveBazelFilesOnDisk


leaveBazelFilesOnDisk option will leave the bazel files created during build process, which we can use to build the application directly using bazel.

To build application using bazel directly, install @bazel/bazelisk and then, use bazelisk build command.

npm install -g @bazel/bazelisk 
bazelisk build