Amoeba acquires its food through a process, termed
(a) exocytosis
(b) endocytosis
(c) plasmolysis
(d) exocytosis and endocytosis both

AcademicBiologyNCERTClass 9

Correct Answer: (b) endocytosis


Amoeba follows holozoic nutrition which takes place in organisms that take solid or liquid food inside their body.

They do not have any specialized organ for nutrition, so they obtain their food by the process of endocytosis, and the entire process is carried through the body surface with the help of pseudopodia which is a false foot.

They fuse over food particles resulting in the formation of food vacuole. Inside the food vacuole, the complex structure of the food is broken down into similar substances, which then diffuse into the cytoplasm.

The remaining undigested food materials are moved to the surface of the cell and thrown out.


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