NoSQL and Dataflow programming

There are times when the data is unavailable in relational format and we need to keep it transactional with the help of NoSQL databases.

In this chapter, we will focus on the dataflow of NoSQL. We will also learn how it is operational with a combination of agile and data science.

One of the major reasons to use NoSQL with agile is to increase the speed with market competition. The following reasons show how NoSQL is a best fit to agile software methodology −

Fewer Barriers

Changing the model, which at present is going through mid-stream has some real costs even in case of agile development. With NoSQL, the users work with aggregate data instead of wasting time in normalizing data. The main point is to get something done and working with the goal of making model perfect data.

Increased Scalability

Whenever an organization is creating product, it lays more focus on its scalability. NoSQL is always known for its scalability but it works better when it is designed with horizontal scalability.

Ability to leverage data

NoSQL is a schema-less data model that allows the user to readily use volumes of data, which includes several parameters of variability and velocity. When considering a choice of technology, you should always consider the one, which leverages the data to a greater scale.

Dataflow of NoSQL

Let us consider the following example wherein, we have shown how a data model is focused on creating the RDBMS schema.

Following are the different requirements of schema −

  • User Identification should be listed.

  • Every user should have mandatory at least one skill.

  • The details of every user’s experience should be maintained properly.

Users Experience

The user table is normalized with 3 separate tables −

  • Users

  • User skills

  • User experience

The complexity increases while querying the database and time consumption is noted with increased normalization which is not good for Agile methodology. The same schema can be designed with the NoSQL database as mentioned below −

Complexity Increases

NoSQL maintains the structure in JSON format, which is light- weight in structure. With JSON, applications can store objects with nested data as single documents.