A piece of ribbon folded five times is placed along a 30 cm long measuring scale as shown in figure.

The length of the ribbon is between
$(a)$. 1.15 m – 1.25 m
$(b)$. 1.25 m – 1.35 m
$(c)$. 1.50 m – 1.60 m
$(d)$. 1.60 m – 1.70 m"

Given: A ribbon folded 5 times
To find: The length of the ribbon

The folded ribbon lies between 2 cm and 27.5 cm. So its length is the distance between 2 cm and 27.5  cm.

It is 27.5 - 2 = 25.5 cm.

The length of the folded ribbon is nearly 25.5 cm.

Since it is folded 5 times, the total length of the ribbon is about $5\times25.5\ cm=127.5\ cm$

$=1.275\ m$        [As $1\ m=100\ cm$]

So, option $(b)$ 1.25 m-1.35 m is correct.


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