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Note that while using SAP Recording and playback, you get an export option however exporting to spreadsheet has a number of limitations, like the number of rows and columns (note 700206), file size (note 1854956) and many other limitations.

700206 - XXL: MAX Size Limit for Excel Export for Table and Pivot

SAP Note 700206

Solution as per SAP Note:

Increased the Max Size Limit to 65536 rows and 256 columns for Table and Pivot Table option of Excel Export. This change is available for officeintegration technology only and no adaption is possible to old SAP Macros. To get the correction import the relevant ABAP patch.

NOTE: If you export a large list object there could be a performance problem and the same will be directly proportional to the amount of DATA (size of list object) exported. The maximum limits with XXL Export are:

  • Number of Rows - 65536
  • Number of Columns - 256.
  • Size of individual cell - 255 characters.

SAP support export to different spreadsheet formats. Please refer this link:

SAP Link

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