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Tables for generated Time data in SAP HANA

Anil SAP Gupta
Updated on 12-Mar-2020 10:50:47
The following table contains generated time data in HANAM_TIME_DIMENSIONM_TIME_DIMENSION_WEEKM_TIME_DIMENSION_MONTHM_TIME_DIMENSION_YEARThese tables are represented in schema _SYS_BI

Using SAP NetWeaver Recording and Playback features

John SAP
Updated on 13-Dec-2019 06:38:14
Note that while using SAP Recording and playback, you get an export option however exporting to spreadsheet has a number of limitations, like the number of rows and columns (note 700206), file size (note 1854956) and many other limitations.700206 - XXL: MAX Size Limit for Excel Export for Table and PivotSAP Note 700206Solution as per SAP Note:Increased the Max Size Limit to 65536 rows and 256 columns for Table and Pivot Table option of Excel Export. This change is available for officeintegration technology only and no adaption is possible to old SAP Macros. To get the correction import the relevant ... Read More

Adding a Page break/new page in SAP Script

John SAP
Updated on 17-Feb-2020 12:47:45
To add a new page, you can use Control command NEW-PAGE in Transaction SE71.SyntaxNEW-PAGE [page_options] [ spool_options]EffectThis statement creates a new page in the current list and writes the subsequent list output into a spool list.In T-Code: SE38 Print Program, you can use Function Module CONTROL_FORM to call NEW-PAGE command as below −CALL FUNCTION 'CONTROL_FORM' EXPORTING COMMAND = 'NEW-PAGE' EXCEPTIONS UNOPENED = 1 UNSTARTED = 2 OTHERS = 3.