How to create record and playback scripts in JMeter using the Chrome browser?

We can create record and playback scripts in JMeter using the Chrome browser with the help of the BlazeMeter extension. To get the extension, navigate to the below link − mbopgmdnpcbohhpnfglgohlbhfongabi?hl=en

Then click on Add to Chrome.

After BlazeMeter has been added to our Chrome browser, it should appear on the menu bar. For time users, click on the Signup button.

Next, we have to give user details for the registration. After successful registration, if we now click on the BlazeMeter icon on the menu bar, we shall see the input field to enter the test name, recording options(start, pause, and so on). The start recording option is highlighted in the below image −

After clicking on it, we need to perform the steps on the browsers that we want to record. While we do so, the BlazeMeter pop-up along with the stop(red) and pause(black) recording options appear at the right upper corner of the page.

Once the recording is done, we need to click the stop button.

Then we need to click on the Save button.

We have to choose the format in which the recording needs to be saved. For JMeter, we need to select the option JMX. Also, we need to choose the domains that we want to include.

It takes a while to download the JMX file to our local system. Once done, drag and drop the file under the Test Plan folder of the JMeter application. Thus the record and playback scripts got created using the BlazeMeter.