Process to get SAP HANA license key from SAP Marketplace

To request a license key from SAP Marketplace, you require an S-ID and the “Request License Key” authorization for the installation number or customer number you require. To request your license key, you need to open SAP Service Marketplace −

Next is to launch license key application → It will prompt to enter SID and password again. Enter the credentials and you will reach to this page −

To get license key from SAP Marketplace, you may need the following information −

  • Provide the System ID
  • Product type
  • Product Version
  • Hostname of Server
  • System Usage Type
  • Operating System Type

To proceed to the hardware data, choose “Continue”.

  • Enter your hardware key
  • License Type
  • Quantity (Amount of main memory in GB)
  • Validity until

Other option is to select License key from drop down and enter SAP HANA in search bar. Click on Request License Key and search for your installation as shown below −