Major Concerns with Database Design

Database Design can be a tiresome task and you would need to follow the below approach and tackle the challenges to get a well-designed database.

The concerns and challenges with Database design are the following −

Following Design Standards

Considering Design Standards while designing a database is quite essential. It gives you components that are well defined. With this, you can also easily evaluate an existing design.

If you are unable to follow the design standards approach, then do not expect the design to be proper and you will not be able to evaluate it.

Achieving High Processing Speed

Everyone needs faster access for the relationships and queries. This is the key in achieving high processing speed. In addition, it is not easy to achieve such results when you have huge number of tables, with constrains and relationships.

Design Conventions

The design conventions should be followed that would work along all the requirements. If this is not followed, then the requirements will not be fulfilled properly. This would mean the designers fault would not allow fulfilling the requirements of the end user.