Java program to find the square root of a given number

The process of finding the square root of a number can be divided into two steps. One step is to find integer part and the second one is for fraction part.


  • Define value n to find the square root of.
  • Define variable i and set it to 1. (For integer part)
  • Define variable p and set it to 0.00001. (For fraction part)
  • While i*i is less than n, increment i.
  • Step 4 should produce the integer part so far.
  • While i*i is less than n, add p to i.
  • Now i have the square root value of n.


Live Demo

public class SquareRoot {
   public static void main(String args[]){
      int n = 24;
      double i, precision = 0.00001;
      for(i = 1; i*i <=n; ++i);
      for(--i; i*i < n; i += precision);
      System.out.println("Square root of given number "+i);


Square root of given number 4.898979999965967

Updated on: 13-Mar-2020

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