How to create a website without using HTML?

If you are having no knowledge of HTML or CSS, and want to create a website, then do not worry, you can easily create a website without writing even a single line of HTML code.

Here are some ways to build a website without writing any HTML or line of code:

Website Builders

When you will buy a website hosting plan, then the hosting company will provide you with free website builder option to easily create a website without even writing a single piece of HTML Code

Content Management Systems

Use Content Management System such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla to develop a website, without writing a code for HTML.

For example, WordPress provides an option to customize the theme of the website. For using it, you do not need to have any programming or HTML knowledge:

Above, you can easily change the Site Colors, Header Image, Background Image, static front page, and will get all other design options. Without even learning about HTML and CSS, you can easily create and customize your website using this.

Updated on: 25-Sep-2019

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