How to compare time in different time zones in Python?

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When you have 2 different time objects with different timezones and you need to compare them, you first need to understand the difference between aware and naive objects. An aware datetime object is an object that holds the information about the timezone while naive object doesn't hold any timezone information.

The easiest way to compare 2 aware objects to check whether they tell the same time or not is to directly compare them.


import datetime, pytz
local_tz = pytz.timezone('CET')
# Get the time in UTC
utc =
# Convert the time to local timezone
local = utc.astimezone(local_tz)
print("UTC: ", utc)
print("Local: ", local)
print(utc == local)


This will give the output −

UTC:  2018-01-03 17:02:43.632805+00:00
Local:  2018-01-03 18:02:43.632805+01:00
Updated on 13-Jun-2020 06:04:02