Compare time and money.

The major differences between time and money are as follows −


  • It is defined as hours spend on work.

  • It is measured in terms of seconds, minutes, hours.

  • It is more valuable than money.

  • Its value remains constant.

  • The value earned differ from person to person.

  • It is neither earned nor purchased.

  • It is not constant and can’t be saved.

  • It is limited

  • It plays an important role in earning.

  • It can’t make future contingency.

  • We can’t control time.


  • It is defined as an amount earned for work done.

  • It is measured in terms of value, exchange and payments.

  • It depends on time.

  • Its value decreases with time.

  • The value of money remains same for all.

  • It can be earned and is constant (can be save till earned/spent).

  • It is not limited.

  • It plays an important role in modern world.

  • It can make future contingency.

Updated on: 25-Jul-2020


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