Multiple perspectives to perform different functions in SAP HANA

In SAP HANA Studio, you have multiple perspectives to perform different functions. When you go to Open Perspectives, you can see long list of options. It has different Perspectives to manage HANA system like −

  • SAP HANA Development
  • SAP HANA Administration Console (Default)
  • SAP HANA Modeler
  • SAP HANA PlanViz
  • BW Modeling (SAP BW on HANA functions)

You have different ABAP and Java Perspectives to perform application development and to host applications on HANA system −

  • ABAP
  • ABAP Connectivity and Integration
  • ABAP Profiling
  • Java
  • Java Browsing
  • Java EE
  • Java Type Hierarchy
  • Java Script