Connecting PHP directly to SAP Business One

I would suggest you using DI Server instead of DI API as DI API is more recommended for .NET platform however you are using PHP so it may run into compatibility issue.

Also 0 means you are connected successfully.

Note that DI Server (Data Interface Server) is a Component Object Model service running on a server which allow multiple clients to read and write SAP B1 database using SOAP messages.

SAP B1 DI Server allows you to develop SOAP based solutions that can be used to read, write, update, and remove data objects.

Below are the key differences about use of DI Server and DI API:

  • You can improve performance and scalability by implementing a connection pooling mechanism that can handle multiple client connections together.
  • Use of SOAP messages

For more details about use of SAP B1 DI server, you can refer this link:


SAP Thread

Updated on: 04-Dec-2019


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