WAP - Core Services

A vast majority of WAP services are available in the market. You may contact to some WAP lover to have a big list of all the available services and then you can start accessing those services from your WAP enabled mobile phone.

However, some examples of useful mobile services are in the following fields −


  • Accessing account statements.

  • Paying bills.

  • Transferring money between accounts.


  • Retrieving stock and share prices.

  • Buying and selling stocks and shares.

  • Looking up interest rates.

  • Looking up currency exchange rates.


  • Buying everyday commodities.

  • Browsing and buying books.

  • Buying CDs.


  • Booking or buying airline tickets.

  • Buying concert tickets.

  • Booking theatre tickets.


  • Retrieving restaurant details.

  • Looking up clubs.

  • Finding out what is playing in what cinemas.

  • Playing solitaire games.

  • Playing interactive games.


  • Retrieving local weather forecasts.

  • Looking up weather at other locations.

E- Messaging

  • Voice mail.

  • Unified Messaging.

  • Enhanced support of legacy SMS services.

Live WAP Examples

Following are some of the examples of WAP applications −

  • 123Jump (http://www.123jump.com) A selection of stock data and news, all via WAP.

  • 1477.com (http://1477.com) WAP/Web development services.

  • 2PL World-Wide Hotel Guide (http://wap.2pl.com) A worldwide hotel guide accessible in multiple languages via a WAP-enabled device.

  • AEGEE-Eindhoven (http://wappy.to/aegee/) A Europe-wide students association, whose goal is to allow all students to integrate and learn about each others cultures.

  • Ajaxo (http://www.ajaxo.com) A WAP service for Wireless Stock Trading from any WAP-enabled device.

  • Aktiesidan (http://mmm.aktiesidan.com/servlets/aktiesidan/) A Swedish stock-market monitoring service, all WAP-enabled.

  • Amazon.com Bookshop (http://www.amazon.com/phone/) Amazon.com has launched this WAP portal (HDML-based) for browsing books.

  • Traffic Maps (http://www.webraska.com/) A French service that monitors and shows the latest in traffic news via maps.