Rowing - Champions

Various events that are organized under different categories is shown in the following table.

Category Events Category Events
  • Single Sculls
  • Double sculls
  • Quadruple sculls
  • Coxless pair
  • Coxless four
  • Eight
  • Double sculls
  • Quad sculls
  • Coxless pair
  • Eight
LightWeight men
  • Double sculls
  • Coxless four
Lightweight women
  • Double sculls

Some major tournaments of rowing include −

  • Rowing World Championship
  • Summer Olympics
  • European Rowing Championship
  • NCAA Rowing Championship
  • Indoor Rowing Championship

Let us now discuss briefly about some greatest rowing athletes that the World has ever produced.

Steve Redgrave

Steve Redgrave is a competitor for Great Britain. He has an excellent Olympic track record that has five gold medals and one bronze medal.

He has also won three gold medals in Commonwealth Games and nine gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal in World Rowing Championships.

IOC president Juan Antonio honored him with gold Olympic pin in 2000 Summer Olympics for his excellent achievements. After winning a gold in 2000 Olympics, he retired from the sport.

Drew Ginn

Drew Ginn is a competitor for Australia. In his Olympic career, he bagged three gold medals and one silver medal, out of which a gold and a silver were won in coxless four category and two golds were won in coxless pair category.

In World Championships, he has an excellent record track with eight medals out of which five are gold, one is silver and two are bronze.

Out of the eight medals in World Championships, he won a gold in coxed four category a bronze in eight category, another bronze in coxless four category, and four golds and one silver in coxless pair category.

Elisabeta Lipa

Elisabeta Lipa was a player belonging to Romania. She has won eight medals in her 20years Olympic career which includes five gold medals, two silver medals and one bronze medal.

In the Olympics, she won one gold and two silvers in double sculls category, one gold in single sculls, three golds in eight and one bronze in quadruple sculls.

Elisabeta has also won one gold, eight silvers and four bronzes in World Championships. Thomas Keller medal was awarded to her in 2008 Rowing World Cup.

Georgeta Damian

Georgeta Damian is a female rower competing for Romania. In her Olympic career, she bagged five gold medals and one bronze medal out of which three golds were in coxless pair category and two golds and one silver in eight category.

She has also won many medals in World Championships five golds, three silvers, and one bronze.

Out of the medals in World Championships, she has won three golds and two silvers in eight category and two golds, one silver, and one bronze in coxless pair category.

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