Malware Removal - Detection Techniques

Generally, if a computer is infected there are some symptoms, which even simpler users can notice.

Common Malware Detection Techniques

Some of the most commonly used Malware Detection Techniques are listed as follows.

  • Your computer shows a pop-up and error message.

Common Malware Detection Techniques
  • Your computer freezes frequently and you are unable to work on it.

  • The computer slows down when a program or process starts. This can be noticed in the task manager that the process of the software has started, but it has not opened yet for working.

  • Third parties complain that they are receiving invitation in social media or via emails from you.

  • File extensions changes appear or files are added to your system without your consent.

  • Internet explorer freezes too often even though your internet speed is very good.

  • Your hard disk is accessed most of the time, which you can see from the blinking LED light of your computer.

Blinking LED Light
  • OS files are corrupted or missing.

NSIS Error
  • If your computer is consuming too much bandwidth or network resources, it is the case of a computer worm.

  • Hard disk space is occupied all the time, even if you are not taking any action. For example, a Mew Program installing.

  • Files and program sizes change as compared to their original version.

Errors not related to Malware

The following errors are not related to Malware Activities −

  • Error while the system is booting in the Bios stage, like Bios’ battery cell display, timer error display.

  • Hardware errors like Beeps, RAM burn, HDD, etc.

  • If a document fails to start normally like a corrupted file, but the other files can be opened accordingly.

  • Keyboard or mouse does not answer your commands; you have to check the plug-ins.

  • Monitor switching on and off too often, like blinking or vibrating, this is a hardware fault.

In the next chapter, we will understand how to prepare for Malware removal.

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