JSTL Core <c:param> Tag


The <c:param> tag allows proper URL request parameter to be specified with URL and it does any necessary URL encoding required.

Within a <c:param> tag, the name attribute indicates the parameter name, and the value attribute indicates the parameter value:


The <c:param> tag has following attributes:

AttributeDescription RequiredDefault
nameName of the request parameter to set in the URLYesNone
valueValue of the request parameter to set in the URLNoBody


If you need to pass parameters to a <c:import> tag, use the <c:url> tag to create the URL first as shown below:

<c:url value="/index.jsp" var="myURL">
   <c:param name="trackingId" value="1234"/>
   <c:param name="reportType" value="summary"/>
<c:import url="${myURL}"/>

Above request would pass URL as below - Try it yourself.