Java 15 - Deprecation & Removals


Following functionalities are deprecated and are scheduled for removal in future release.

  • Biased Locking − Biased Locking is disabled by default and all related command line options are deprecated. JDK community is looking to check the need to difficult to maintain legacy synchronization mechanism of biased locking. Biased locking was used in HotSpot virtual machine to reduce overhead of uncontended locking.

  • RMI Activation − RMI activation is an optional part since Java 8 and is obsolete part of RMI. It was imposing an ongoing maintenance cost.


Following functionalities are removed.

  • Nashorn JavaScript engine − Nashorn JavaScript engine introduced in Java 8 is now removed. With advent of GraalVM and other VM technologies, Nashorn was no longer used in Java ecosystem.

  • Solaris/SPARC ports − Source Code and support for Solaris/SPARC, Solaris/x64, and Linux/SPARC ports which were deprecated in Java 14 are removed. Solaris and SPARC are superseded by Linux OS and Intel processors. So removing their code will help contributors to focus on development of new features to be added to the platform.

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