Go - Miscellaneous Operators

There are a few other important operators supported by Go Language including sizeof and ?:.

Operator Description Example
& Returns the address of a variable. &a; provides actual address of the variable.
* Pointer to a variable. *a; provides pointer to a variable.


Try following example to understand all the miscellaneous operators available in Go programming language −

package main

import "fmt"

func main() {
   var a int = 4
   var b int32
   var c float32
   var ptr *int

   /* example of type operator */
   fmt.Printf("Line 1 - Type of variable a = %T\n", a );
   fmt.Printf("Line 2 - Type of variable b = %T\n", b );
   fmt.Printf("Line 3 - Type of variable c= %T\n", c );

   /* example of & and * operators */
   ptr = &a	/* 'ptr' now contains the address of 'a'*/
   fmt.Printf("value of a is  %d\n", a);
   fmt.Printf("*ptr is %d.\n", *ptr);

When you compile and execute the above program it produces the following result −

Line 1 - Type of variable a = int
Line 2 - Type of variable b = int32
Line 3 - Type of variable c= float32
value of a is  4
*ptr is 4.
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