C# - Miscellaneous Operators


There are few other important operators including sizeof and ? : supported by C#.

sizeof()Returns the size of a data type.sizeof(int), will return 4.
typeof()Returns the type of a class.typeof(StreamReader);
&Returns the address of an variable.&a; will give actual address of the variable.
*Pointer to a variable.*a; will pointer to a variable.
? :Conditional Expression If Condition is true ? Then value X : Otherwise value Y
isDetermines whether an object is of a certain type.If( Ford is Car) // checks if Ford is an object of the Car class.
asCast without raising an exception if the cast fails.Object obj = new StringReader("Hello");
StringReader r = obj as StringReader;


using System;

namespace OperatorsAppl
   class Program
      static void Main(string[] args)
         /* example of sizeof operator */
         Console.WriteLine("The size of int is {0}", sizeof(int));
         Console.WriteLine("The size of short is {0}", sizeof(short));
         Console.WriteLine("The size of double is {0}", sizeof(double));
         /* example of ternary operator */
         int a, b;
         a = 10;
         b = (a == 1) ? 20 : 30;
         Console.WriteLine("Value of b is {0}", b);

         b = (a == 10) ? 20 : 30;
         Console.WriteLine("Value of b is {0}", b);

When the above code is compiled and executed, it produces the following result:

The size of int is 4
The size of short is 2
The size of double is 8
Value of b is 30
Value of b is 20