Computer Concepts - Using Powerpoint

You can create a new presentation by choosing File → New → Presentation.

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Opening an existing PowerPoint presentation

To open an existing PowerPoint, select File → Open → Recent Presentations → and select the presentation you want to open.

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Powerpoint Open Option

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Saving a presentation

  • To save a presentation, click on "File" menu and choose "Save" option.

  • Every presentation will be saved by default as presentation1, presentation2, presentation3 and so on.

  • To change the default save location, select Save As → Computer → Browse.

  • Click on the browse option to see a window where you can select desired location to save the file.

  • To rename the presentation, simply add desired name in the 'File Name' tag. Click on 'Save'.

  • MS PowerPoint saves files with the extension (.ppt).

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Powerpoint Rename File

Powerpoint Rename Save

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