Computer Concepts - Slide Show

Slide Show view of the presentation is used to display content of presentation to the audience.

Editing is not possible in the Slide Show view.

Slide Show view

Running a Slide Show

  • To start the Slide Show from the first slide, click on "From Beginning" icon from Slide Show menu.

  • To start the Slide Show from the current slide, click on "From Current Slide" icon from Slide Show menu.

Running Slideshow

Transition and slide timings

First, we will learn the Transition feature −

  • Click on "Transition" menu and select "Transition style" from the listed options.

  • You can click on the arrow key to expand the gallery and check all the options available.

  • To apply transition on the slide, double click on desired option.

  • Press "shift + F5" from keyboard to switch to full-screen mode.

  • To exit full-screen, press Esc key.

  • You can edit selected transitions by using "Effect Option" from "Transition" menu and select option from the list.

  • You can preview all the changes by clicking on preview icon in the top left side of screen.

Transition Slide Timings

Automating a Slide Show

Automation of Slide Show can be done in two ways.

Using transition settings

  • Select each slide and go to transition menu and select transition type for each slide and run the presentation by pressing "F5" key.

Transition Settings

Slide Using Transition

Using Rehearse Timing

  • Open the presentation in which the timing has to be set.

  • Go to Slide Show menu → Rehearse Timing.

  • Press F5 to run the slide. When the Slide Show starts, you can find the rehearsal toolbar at the top left corner of window.

  • Move to the next slide manually to record timing and press 'yes' button to record the time.

  • Now, if you run your Slide Show, you can notice that it runs automatically with the time intervals you have saved.

GoTo Rehearse Timing

Slide Show View

Changing Slide Order

  • To change order of the slides, click on "Slide Sorter" in the "View" menu.

  • In this mode, all slides in the presentation are displayed as thumbnails.

  • Click on the slide you want to move and drag it with the mouse to the desired position.

Slide Sorter Option

Slide Drag Drop

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