Computer Concepts - Providing Aesthetics

This feature helps our Powerpoint presentation to look more attractive and interesting.

Enhancing text presentation

Enhancing text can be done by altering font style, font color, font size, and using font case options.

Font Color

  • Enhancing text can be done using "font color" from "Home" menu.

  • The text will be displayed in the color you have selected.

Select Text Powerpoint

Powerpoint Text Color

Font Style

  • Enhancing text can be done using "Font Style" from "Home" menu.

  • You can change font styles of the text by selecting from the list of options in the drop down menu.

Select Text Powerpoint

Change Font Style

Font Size

  • To increase or decrease the font size, use "font size" option from "Home" menu.

Select Text Powerpoint

Change Font Size

Highlight Text

  • To enhance the text style, you may select either bold or italic.

  • You can also highlight your text using the underline option or text shadow.

  • Shortcut key for underline is "Ctrl + U".

  • Shortcut key for bold is "Ctrl + B".

  • Shortcut key for italic is "Ctrl + I".

Select Text Powerpoint

Powerpoint Bold Text

Powerpoint Italic Text

powerpoint Underline Font

Added Text Shadow

Font Case

You can highlight the text by changing it to upper, lower or mixed case.

Font Case Changed

Working with color and line-style

Draw shapes and fill color, follow the below steps −

  • To draw a shape, right click and select Fill option.

  • Fill with the desired color.

Select Shape Fill

Shape Fill Color

Background color

Giving background color to PowerPoint image makes the presentation more appealing and beautiful. To apply background, go to Design menu and select Color option.

Select Dropdown Arrow

Background Color

Line Style

  • A line is termed as a connector between two points.

  • In order to insert a line in your presentation, go to Home → Shapes and select the desired line style.

  • Now you can draw line on the slide pane.

Select Desire Line

Draw Line

Adding movie and sound

  • To insert a movie or audio in a slide, go to Insert video or audio options and select audio or video file you want.

  • The inserted audio or video file will be displayed in your slide.

Video Insert Menu

Select Desired Video

Powerpoint Video Added
  • To play a video or audio file in the presentation, follow the steps below.

    • Open the slide that contains the video or audio file.

Slide Containing Video
    • Click play from playback menu.

Powerpoint Playback Menu

Powerpoint Video Playing
  • You can also use playback menu to explore options such as: Play Full Screen, Hide While Not Playing, Loop, etc., as well as adjust volume or mute playback of the file.

Powerpoint Video Manipulation
  • Current playback position in the file is indicated on horizontal slider.

Current Playback Position
  • Use the vertical slider to adjust the playback volume.

Adjust Volume
  • Video files provide zoom-in feature which can be selected from "View" menu.

Video Zooming Feature

Video Zoom Applied
  • PowerPoint enables to see the preview of audio or video files.

  • To preview the file, go to Animations → Preview.

Powerpoint Animation Menu

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