Computer Concepts - Program Example

We will look at the following example −


To create a simple presentation with at least 5 slides to introduce a friend and include audio in slides.


  • Boot the system under Microsoft Windows 2013.

  • Click Start → Program → MS-Office → MS-PowerPoint.

  • Once you open PowerPoint, choose the type of presentation you want.

  • Select the desired presentation style in creating a new presentation window and click ok button.

  • Enter information about your friend.

  • Right click on the empty space on the slide, select background color and click "Apply".

  • Select Slide → Transition.

  • Select an effect and click Ok button.

  • Click Insert → Audio, select a file to insert and press 'ok'.

  • Click the first slide and drag the mouse to select all the slides.

  • Run your presentation by clicking on the Slide Show or by hitting F5 key.


  • Thus, a simple presentation to introduce your friend is created.

Powepoint Example Slide1

Powepoint Example Slide2

Powepoint Example Slide3

Powepoint Example Slide4

Powepoint Example Slide5

Adding headers and footers

  • You can add headers and footers to the presentation.

  • To insert headers and footers to the presentation, go to Insert menu → select Header and Footer icon.

  • You can include or exclude the time and date, slide number and footer information in the slide.

  • Make changes and click the option "Apply to all" to save the changes.

Header-Footer Icon

Apply To All Option

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